Throughout the 1990s, Chris Shearar made it clear he wished to join forces with his son, Mark, who would bring to the family business extensive networking experience and expertise. Chris, a former banker,brings with him an in-depth knowledge of the accounting environment and experience of DOS-based ACCPAC.


An independent since 1998, he foresaw Cape Town’s enormous potential as a centre of IT expertise. He also envisioned his family’s role in realising that potential. Mark, a partner in a company providing ACCPAC support and complementary hardware and Internet services, brought Chris’s vision to fruition in 1999.


Riaan Smuts joined the team in 2008. Having worked with Chris Shearar before at a previous consultancy and having maintained a professional relationship over the years, Riaan slotted right into our team. He has added his extensive experience in CRM, ACCPAC, and Crystal report writing to our array of services.


Chris focuses on new business, distribution systems, purchase and sales ordering and stock while Mark is head of operations, imposing a necessary, rigid structure on network, server and workstation installations.

Zalene Shearar forms part of SBS’s backbone, providing essential administrative expertise.

Team Profiles


Chris Shearar

Senior Consulant and founding member of Shearar Business Systems. Specialises in Service Manager and other operational-based modules.


Mark Shearar

Heads up administration, consults on Accpac and general IT issues.


Zalene Shearar

Human resources and general administration.


Riaan Smuts

Accpac consultant. Works on integrating various third party applications into Accpac, specialises in CRM, RMS and report writing.

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