Sage Accpac Online

We offer, through Softline Accpac, the ability to run ACCPAC ERP and CRM in a hosted environment. In other words, the applications and the data reside on a server offsite in a physically and electronically secure location and are accessed either via a dedicated line or via the Internet. There is no purchase of the software as it is effectively rented.

  • No capital cost. The rental is completely tax deductible with a VAT portion charged monthly.
  • Backups are done nightly by professional staff and these are restorable on demand.
  • Data is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Reduced cost of maintenance as there is no server hardware, software etc to purchase.
  • Runs on a MS-SQL database.
  • Centralized support.
  • You can add or subtract user licences dynamically.

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