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By the late 1980’s, DOS-based ACCPAC had firmly entrenched itself as the global accounting system of choice. DOS-based ACCPAC Plus has been in use in South Africa since 1982. Presently, some 40-50 000 modules are installed in South African companies. With the advent of ACCPAC support for Windows, ACCPAC’s use burgeoned. With some 500 000 sites installed worldwide, companies can now rely on:

  • Year 2000 compliance
  • Easy and affordable e-commerce solutions integrating business processes and the Internet
  • Integration with Microsoft Office applications including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Exchange and Access
  • Powerful reporting systems including Crystal Info, BrioQuery Analysis and Reporting and Microsoft Excel
  • System flexibility allowing for extensive customization options
  • System scalability offering integration with Windows 2000 / NT, Novell NetWare, Linux, Microsoft BackOffice, Microsoft SQL Server, Pervasive.SQL, IBM DB2, Oracle and e.Business.
  • Industry specific solutions

Whereas ACCPAC PLUS offers users 10-15 invoicing input fields, conversion to Windows dramatically increases the number and presents data capturers with unique problems. Through Visual Basic scripting and macros, SBS offer users more manageable, keyboard-driven data-capture interfaces customized to their needs.


Our Expertise

SBS are accredited ACCPAC business partners. As such, we have extensive knowledge of and training in ACCPAC Windows and DOS-based solutions.

We add value to core ACCPAC services or modules. In other words, whether you have a home office, small business, or are a listed company, we will design an ACCPAC business solution tailored to meet the demands of your particular field of endeavour.

Moreover, as your business partners, we will continue to meet and support your company’s needs as your business management and accounting systems develop.

Our customers are essential to our success and we attach great value to developing a long-lasting relationship with you.


Existing ACCPAC Users

You already use ACCPAC? Then you have even more reason to draw on our proto team approach to problem solving.

Many companies buy off-the-shelf ACCPAC utilities. Often, self-installation does more harm than good. Call us. Whatever your business management systems’ needs, our trained and experienced installers offer you clean, integrated and highly functional solutions that work for you.

Taking advantage of a globalised economy, we will extend the robust functionality of your ACCPAC installation to the Internet, allowing your clients and personnel remote transactions entry and critical accounting data access.

As ACCPAC business partners, we offer you full support for ACCPAC across platforms, i.e. DOS, Windows and RedHat Linux.


Our Commitment to our Product

Incidentally, we benefit from our belief that the only way to learn your product is to use it. Harnessing the robust functionality of ACCPAC’s Corporate Series, all SBS’s operations are backed by a complete, multi-tier business management system.


Accredited Partner

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