“If your system is not configured correctly at the outset, the smallest crisis will cost you a disproportionate amount of time, money and loss of productivity.“


From maintaining your entire network to resolving issues besetting its most technologically demanding components, SBS offers you a complete networking service. Our personnel will:

  • Design an efficient and reliable network architecture
  • Analyse and apply formal structuring to existing networks and peripherals
  • Alter network topologies for optimal performance
  • Source and install your hardware and custom or off-the-shelf software
  • Configure or reconfigure your servers and workstations
  • Implement user and workgroup strategies
  • Establish or secure your security protocols and strategies
  • Customise your applications
  • Write custom code and macros

We specialise in keeping abreast of the latest innovations in computer technology. Outsourcing your network installation, maintenance and technical support to SBS frees you of unnecessary overheads and maintenance costs.

In other words, we have the knowledge and the expertise you need just when you need it.

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